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Beginners? Rehab? Injury? Can YOU successfully train at Sweat Depot?

Can a beginner or person returning from injury train at Sweat Depot?

How can I overcome muscle soreness from your **$!!$@!  class and get over that old sporting injury that has been giving me grief for years?

I am about to answer these questions as comprehensively as possible, so before you come out with BUT... read the whole blog.  The WHOLE BLOG....

Anyone can train at Sweat Depot.  Men, Women and Teens.  Beginners or the fitness elite....

But, you need to have to have some bodily awareness and have a support network around you to see the change in your body and lifestyle that I am sure you are looking for.

What do I mean by bodily awareness???

You don' have to be fit - you just have to be aware of what you can and can't do.

This blog is all about doing something to strengthen it and heal it so you stop complaining about it.  We are an MMA based workout.  Which means you are taught a real skill.  And we aren't for everybody, and that is ok.

  • We are not computer generated
  • We are not simple circuits
  • We do not encourage monthly memberships that you will not use
  • Every class is different - dependant on who attends
  • Every instructor is qualified to run these classes and has been trained by me
  • No one gets left behind.
  • But that means you can't 'fake it' in the corner

This is what we do:

Box, kick, knee, push up, chin up, squat, squat jump/ thrust/ tuck, olympic long jump, box jump, hurdles, tricep dips/ jumps/ claps/ burpees, layouts, jump lunges, lifts, cleans/ clean and press, sprints and of course, we box.  With our body...  yes, that means shoulders, knees, and backs.  If an exercise is worth doing it usually does involve all these commonly bemoaned parts of the body.

But, if you don't use it, you lose it.  New research in DNA highlights we got it all wrong.  You don't lose muscle when you age - you age when you stop building muscle.  

There isn't a single health condition in humanity (genetic or otherwise) that does not benefit from meaningful activity and fresh, raw foods. The assumption that "rest is best" is a lie.  You lie - you die.

For a more information on Sweat Depot classes check out below:

Here are some basic range of movement and fitness capabilities that stand you in good stead for our class:

1. The ability to travel up and down stairs without pain that makes you "wince".
2. The ability to jump down from a chair.

If you can't do these, you then also need to start healing yoga with Charles.  The real test of fitness is your ability to get up - and get down. Quickly.

If in doubt PLEASE go to your GP for a medical clearance armed with the above information.  The number one killer of men in their 40's is heart attack from recently engaged exercise FIRST THING IN THE MORNING (it's a bio-rhythm thing).  Please have awareness on the state of your heart.

I also think mental attitude is the number one reason people excel in our training.  I found that anyone who emails me continuously seeking reassurance, gets confused over times, what to bring etc. have sabotaged their workout before they have even begun.

However people who turn up, think less and do more are the ones that have a strong mental disposition - the strong body just follows naturally.

What do you mean by a good support network?

Here are my best referrals for professionals that you need to visit if your body (and mind!) gets weary.  They are tried and tested.  I have been training for almost 20 years with no more than a few days off with injury of illness (with the exception of four weeks off after the Cesarean required with the birth of my son).   I think that if you have been in poor health for a while, then you are crazy to write off natural medicine and treatments without giving it a good whack.  My rule for treatment: 6 months of injury or illness requires at least 1-3 visits... if you have suffered pain for years then and it might take over 6 months and dozens of treatments.  That is the way it is.  You shouldn't have left it for so long and made everyone's life (mostly yours) a misery.

I will keep adding to this list as I think of it....

For a cold/ flu/ chest or ear infection:

Eric Drescher
acupuncture/ cupping/ draining, pummelling etc
3351 6408
No 10, 14th Avenue Kedron Australia

For a sporting injury that "no one" can fix:

Paul Brennan 
Massage and physical therapy
3855 5999
3 St Helens Rd, Mitchelton


For pregnancy, immune and injury support:

Heidi Weiss
3356 0515
45 Kedron Brook Rd, Wilston

For when you can't find the words to heal your heart and body:

Jacinta Rashford
Counselling/  reiki/ intuitive and past life readings
Brisbane North
0418 790 195

 In need of a good massage for your dodgy knees/ shoulders/ heels:

Wayne Cooley
Acupuncture/ massage
3351 8490
3/6 Nepean Ave, Arana Hills

Sunshine Coast?  Get to Kenny for some healing remedy:

Ken Rowling
Chronic Pain and Injury Clinic
Click here for his Facebook page.

Now: my tips for muscle soreness and injury.

If I only stretch for about 3-5 minutes at the end of class and I am like, 144, and can still do the splits, so can you.
CAN'T is a very dirty word.

Stretch the way the instructor is showing you at the end of class!  Don't break into a stretch you think is better - because 9 times out of 10 you are the one complaining of an injury that is aggravated because you are too sooky to follow the stretch.  Stretching is NOT supposed to be "COMFORTABLE."  That is crap.


  1. Take magnesium for muscle soreness and injury.
  2. Take zinc for immune function, skin and reproductive efficiency.
  3. Take B vitamins for muscle growth and mental fatigue.
  4. Eat protein after every session.  In fact, if you are over 30 years, eat a palm size serve of protein every 2-3 hours.
  5. Drink water.  Not soft drinks.  Not sports drinks.  Drink WATER! 
  6. Get your gut in order.  Read more here.
  7. Use Aloe Heat rub and other natural remedies.  Some anti-inflammatory creams and tablets have been proven to cause strokes.


Try these tips and 10-20 minute programs to get the most out of your workout:

REMEMBER: Utilise professionals to get you out of the pooper if you haven't got the skills to do it yourself...

There!  I've said it.... I hope this helps?  

Subscribe to this blog and I will keep updating my  comprehensive list of professionals and ideas to get you off the lounge and moving.

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Gwen Knight said...

I’m really fortunate to have stumbled upon this blog post. This one is really informative for I really learned a lot. Thank you for that! Anyway, it’s so important to have a physician and a certified trainer when you are training. Over exerting the human body without proper nutrition and training program can be dangerous.