What to bring to class? Do you have gloves and wraps for sale?


A towel and a full water bottle is a must.  This will be the sweatiest workout of your life.

Wear comfortable workout clothing and good quality training shoes.  You must be able to kick and lift your legs high in the pants that you are wearing.

We have a limited number of loan boxing mitts and disposable rubber gloves available for your first visit.

The history of your health is extremely important to us.  We are not a gentle exercise, so you must be healthy and physically capable to be able to perform our class.

Please click here to fill out this health screen which must be completed prior to attending your first class.

If you have your own gloves and hand protection bring them along - boxing gloves are a very personal piece of equipment.  There is a lot of sweating going on in those things and you know the saying "fits like a glove"?  This was made to describe how good it is to slip into your own good quality leather boxing gloves. 

We have professional boxing hand wraps from $15. I only recommend wraps that are over 180cm long.  Anything shorter will be wasting your time.  Wraps are compulsory for hygiene reasons when using our loan gloves, but you will be given disposable inners for your first visit. 

The way you wrap your hands is extremely important in preventing injury to your hands.

Click here to download a detailed guide on how to wrap your hands correctly and bring to class as a little helper.

Our instructors will assist you in using professional boxing wraps to ensure that your hands are fully supported and protected - allowing you to hit harder and get even better results!  
Click here to see the full range of fitness equipment available for sale at the most competitive prices - we pay for freight!

We also have the largest range of boxing gloves in Australia (in the hottest colours) - so we can assist you in choosing a set of gloves that will not only last you for years, but will give you the best protection and workout.

Here's your checklist:
  1. water bottle*
  2. towel*
  3. health screen
  4. "how to wraps guide"
  5. wraps (if you have them)*
  6. cotton inners (if you have them)*
  7. gloves (if you have them)*
  8. Now stop worrying and just COME!
* Don't worry if you don't have them.  We have all this stuff for sale in the studio (cash only or pre-pausing bank transfer).

Visit www.sweatdepot.com.au for details

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