What our clients have to say...

Here's what some of our clients and instructors have said about classes:

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Our super young,  super spunk computer IT guru/ homeless volunteer/ barista at Del Amici Chermside!  Katia Bonomo aka Little One ...

a)   Why do you put up with the type of training we do?
I have never been pushed to this level before, even when I had a personal trainer 1 on 1 a few years ago. I used to go to the gym 4-6 days a week and work out for 1.5-2 hrs each time but I can tell you RIGHT NOW that I did not push myself to the level that I am pushed in these classes!!!! The instructor seems to know exactly what to say at the right time to push me that little bit further. I can’t believe the level of attention that I get in a Sweat Depot class and not only that – group training seems to motivate me more so then working out in a gym. The style of training is an all over body workout and no part of the body is left out!!! These instructors all workout with us too, they are not just standing there telling us what to do, they look fit and ARE fit!! They have a real passion for living a healthy balanced life and encourage others to do the same and to carry that education onto the generation below us to hopefully create a healthier Australia.

b)   What attracted you in the first place?  Why on earth do you keep coming back?
I was working for an organisation which put their staff through self defence classes with Erin Cash while the Bike path assaults were happening. Erin taught us simple techniques that would help us defend ourselves if we were to get into a life threatening situation. I remember leaving the class feeling quite empowered. After my gym membership ended I contacted Erin to find out about the classes she offers and she remembered me!! She explained the structure of the boxing classes, the general size etc. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up as I was a beginner but she encouraged me to go at my own pace and focus on technique so this is what I did. I remember my first class – Erin was on FIRE and I was scared!!! Hahaha….she is about my height 5 foot-ish and she was smashing that bag with the most incredible power and working that chin up bar!! I struggled to get through, looked around and thought I’m never coming back, this is crazy!!! I sure did come back because Erin inspired me, she motivated me to get fit and strong….and that feeling of accomplishment after the class was finished was enough of a high for me to keep me hooked!!! My fitness has improved a lot and emotionally there is something pretty therapeutic about punching a bag haha but most of all – it is a powerful feeling to know that the body went beyond what the brain thought it was capable of. I still have a long way to go but I’m seeing the most changes with Sweat Depot – physically, emotionally and most importantly for me, mentally. The instructors don’t just see us as their clients, they really do care for us. Erin has been quite the inspiration to me and has encouraged and motivated me to start the journey towards a healthy mind, body and spirit and I honestly cannot thank her enough!!!

c)   Best class?
I have taken classes with all of the instructors and they are all kick butt!!! However at the moment, I’m enrolled in Boot Camp with Charles which I am LOVING – getting my exercise over and done with by 7AM really suits my life style at the moment and you just never know what you’re going to get hit with – Charles brings alot of variety to training with his incredible knowledge and ARMY background. Also – getting out in the sunshine, getting a hit of Vitamin D is always a bonus for someone who is stuck in an office all day!!

d)   Worst class?
Hmmmm....worst class would have to be the most physically demanding, the fatigue style of training where you are COMPLETELY exhausted…oh and any workouts that include burpees and chin ups have to be my least favourite but I know that is because they are my weakest which means I need to improve on them. Woops....I probably shouldn’t have said that!! 

e)   What could we do better?
Hmmm I would love to see a Sunday every now and again organised on a weekend where an activity is organised such as indoor rock climbing, kayaking or some other kind of active sport where the Sweat Depot family and friends could get active while getting social in our local area.

Our young hairdressing spunk... Aleece Sadlier.  One of her goals is to jump in the ring... and is soon to be a blushing bride.  Her bravery and spunk for doing this article has me forever endeared to her.

Just for the record, they got it wrong about me running women's only classes.  Apparently women can only teach women's boxing?   What do you think boys?

 Claire Farquhar, new Mum of baby Kayla:

 a)   Why do you put up with the type of training we do?  It's good raw honest training. Results driven with no ego patting & hand holding but plenty of hard work and sweat.

b)   What attracted you in the first place?  Why on earth do you keep coming back?  I wanted to return to some serious training after having my first bub but didn't want to go down the cookie cutter gym junkie approach. I love how every minute I am there I know I am working HARD and am surrounded by others all putting in their best. The vibe is fantastic amongst the group and we all know that the trainers want results from us as much as we want them ourselves (if not more).

c)   Best class?  Don't know how to answer this! Every class,  every day is different! That's why we love it!

d)   Worst class? Anything with Olympic long jumps! ha ha ha

e)   What could we do better? I think the recent work you have done with you website/Facebook/blog etc is great. I know from my perspective I love the regular Facebook presence as seeing the posts  motivate me every time they appear whether it is in terms of nutrition (I'm making the slices tomorrow!), fitness or attitude. Plus, no doubt they serve as a good reminder for people of their goals outside of training sessions (when sometimes you are at your weakest.....i.e.: sitting on the couch and being tempted by another glass of vino!!)

Jodie Murray, Sgt QPS, busy Mum of 4:

I come to these classes because I know it gets results in a short and maximum intensive workout. I love that the instructors participate... rather than watching and yelling at the class as many other instructors do.
·         I love the fact the every session is different. I’ve been coming to the classes on average once a week for the past 11 months, and I think I’ve only ever had one class that’s been the same.
·         I love the variety within the workouts of boxing, weights, body exercises, outdoor exercises and circuits.
·         The fact that it’s pay as you go is also a bonus-no join up or on-going fees, and a very reasonable price.
·         The family friendly atmosphere- that parents are encouraged to bring their littlies, and create a healthy family lifestyle choice.
·         The way that all members of the class get to know each other and the classes have such a “personal” feel to them.
·         The CRAZY music combinations!!
·          The classes make me feel good and I know they are having an impact on my physical and mental well being.
·         I could go on…..

Teish Everett, Sgt QPS Scientific, proud and tired Mum of baby boy Nate:

.....its a matter of getting awesome results fast, feeling fabulous and ultimately getting addicted to feeling strong and fit.

What attracted me in the first place, all those years ago, was the small, welcoming and unpretentious nature of the studio and also that the classes accommodated all fitness levels. I keep coming back because I get a cracker workout surrounded by great people.  I have fun building muscles and getting strong and am not made to feel embarrassed by groaning or if I can't do an exercise...or if I wee a little!! I also keep coming back because you are one of the kindest persons I know and you are a powerhouse that inspires me to do better.

In terms of type of class, I love the ones that have more boxing and kicking in them interspersed with strength ie good mix of cardio and strength.  So in saying that my least favourite class is one where it is all strength.  I love the boxing.....no wait.... I love it all!