Thursday, February 10, 2011

Is mould taking over in this excellent Brisbane humidity?

Do you have mould through your clothes and creeping up your walls because of this marvelous humidity (not to mention flooding)?  Are you developing an excellent case of athletes foot?

Sphagnum moss is the most powerful and environmentally friendly anti mould/ bacteria and fungal agent available.  It has the scent of musk lollies and I cannot recommended it highly enough for the following:
  • Clean floors, interior and exterior walls, toilets and showers (it is 100% septic safe).  It is more effective than chlorine at preventing mould regrowing and unlike Exit Mould won't burn your lungs and feet off.
  • Use as a rinse aid in the wash for the most divine musk smell, but most importantly to kill fungus and mould (great for boxing wraps, socks, undies, nappies etc.)
  •  5 litres can last a household over a year, and should be used for about 7 cleaning products in one.
  •  Read below for more uses
It is a safe, extremely economical, hospital grade disinfectant and cleaner.

Sphagnum Moss is a naturally-based herbal disinfectant concentrate, with a spicy musk aroma, that combines powerful cleaning action with HOSPITAL GRADE protection for your entire home ... and in terms of value-for-money it is second to none, you will be raving to your friends about this product.

I have Sphagnum Moss in poly spray bottles in the bathroom and toilet areas, it's the perfect cleaner and disinfectant in all bathroom areas including showers, basins and toilets - great for that everyday wipe over and air freshener/ deodoriser. I use the Hospital Grade disinfectant dilution, you use only 25ml in a 500ml poly sprayer ... I know that the toilets are totally disinfected - Sphagnum Moss kills mould and bacteria, showers and baths are protected from bacteria regrowth and it leaves a fresh natural fragrance throughout the room.

For exceptional economy, and milder aroma you can use only 5ml in a 500ml poly sprayer (10ml per litre of water) and have Household and Commercial Grade disinfectant.

Don't be fooled by the dilution rate - this product is powerful enough for butcher shop floors! Sphagnum Moss will remove fish smells and other unpleasant odours (garbage bins etc.) ... and 25ml added to the last rinse when washing your pet's bedding will help keep fleas away.  Yet it contains no bleach, chlorine or caustic elements ... and it does not give off toxic fumes. Making it ideal to clean the kids plastic toys ... with their help!

You can put a drop on your vacuum cleaner filter to make your home smell fresh and clean ... or a drop on a cold light bulb will disperse Sphagnum Moss' spicy musk aroma throughout your home when switched on.

1/2 a capful in a bucket of water is all you need for mopping tiles ... and used on shower floors, Sphagnum Moss helps to control and prevent tinea.


Lauryl Alcohol Ethoxylate
Lauryl-Myristyl Quaternary Ammonium Chloride Mixture
Extract of Sphagnum Moss
Oil of Spearmint
Oil of Musk Seed
Food grade colouring

A poly spray bottle is required for efficient use of this product.

All sizes available below:-
50ml - $2.45
500ml - $10.95
1lt - $19.95 
5lt - $89.95 (this size lasts my boxing studio for about a year)
20lt with tap - $297.95

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