Monday, January 17, 2011

The muddy cause that united us...

I know we are family, but our family grew thanks to Lance Fuller, Aleece Sadlier, and Jodie Chambers after they begged to bring family and friends and be part of the Brisbane Flood Clean up.  

We felt pretty special because Fairfield RSCPA was declared a decontaminated zone and outside volunteers were excluded.  But not us...  RSPCA Chief Inspector Mick Pecic must have smelt our desperation and we formed a special work team punctuated with the all important petrol gurney Lance shot around.  It was some of the best fun I have ever had.  We ate so much donated baked goods that I am still suffering (someone express that order of Aloe to me quick!!!).  I am in awe of the people that came with me.   Thank you is not enough.

Imagine the terror this doll went through

Kim Ludke finishes work at City Police at 6am to shovel mud

Lance and Kelly - it was better than Christmas

Lancey helped the previous day at residents homes.

Up to our knees in it....

The dude in black is CHOOK FOWLER from Underbelly!  Seriously!

Gurski being decontaminated
Handsome looking mud workers

The files our crew helped save... Animal cruelty offenders beware

Lance's excellent neighbour Michelle

All we wanted to do was lift heavy things... we got lucky

The mud my mates helped to shovel

These gumboots were kindly loaned by 6 year old Savanna Gurski

 Check out the ABC newsreel of that day (you might recognize someone)...

(it is a great gift idea and you know it's going directly to the best cause)

If you have more flood photos from our Sweat Depot community keep them coming!!!  Email Erin

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