Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fitness and MMA equipment and gift ideas... core bags/ gloves/ weights / kettlebell sale. ORDER now!

Specials for the home gym

Cross Fit wall ball $88 for 8 kilos, $99 for 10 kilos

Sledge hammers $8.80 a kilo

Slam ball pack special $150: weights as shown

Core bag kit; ONLY $180!  Weights as shown.

Leather MMA gloves with gel  knuckle $70sizes small, med, large, extra large

Synthetic leather MMA glove $40 sizes small, med, large, extra large

 Core bags...  10 kilo $77;  15 kilo $92.40; 20 kilo $107.80; 25 kilo $120.00

Cross Fit slam ball 10lb $44;  20lb $60;  30lb $80

'King' and 'Jungle" black and gold gloves
16 oz only
Red, blue, black, flames, combat, army
16 oz leather pro gloves $89
Teens 10 oz leather $77 
Free wraps with gloves purchased at Sweat Depot Shed...

SMAI Boxing cap only $9.95

Hand wraps -cotton elastane blend   black, red, blue, black     $15.50

PVC medicine ball $44 x 4 kilos; $55 x 5 kilos;  $66 x 6 kilos;$77 x 7 kilos; $88 x 8 kilos; $99 x 9 kilos; $110 x 10 kilos

2 x 6 kilo = $55
2 x 8 kilo = $75
2 x 10 kilo = $95
2 x 12 kilo = $105
2 x 14 kilo = $125

Kids black molded 2 - 6 oz gloves - $42.50

Rubber Hex dumbbell -            $4.80 a kilo

Headgear for sparring  - generic   $50.00  
  Full face (available in black)      $77.00

Email ERIN to order


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