Friday, July 17, 2009

WOK ME - Erin's 5 ingrediant 5 min vegeterian delight


this is the perfect meal to have when you come home from training in the evening and you want to be fed well and in bed quickly.
Basmati or wholegrain rice (low GI)
Saffron and turmeric to flavour rice during cooking
Japanese Style tofu (hard/ fried.... I find this the most delicious)
Asian vegetables - I suggest wombok, pak choy, bok choy
Chinese cooking wine to flavour water that will flash boil your veges.
Oyster or hoisin sauce
Macadamia, avocado or grapeseed oil



As you walk through the door from training put down your training bag...

Cook rice in large saucepan by covering one to two cups of rice with twice the amount of water and flavouring with turmeric and saffron.
Have a shower while the rice is cooking.
The rice is ready when the water is absorbed and is nice and fluffy. Put excess rice in fridge for fried rice the following evening. Spoon rice into a bowl.

In five minutes your dinner will be ready.

Minute One:
Bring water to the boil in another large saucepan.
Heat oil in small frying pan or wok.
Minute Two:
Cut onion and tofu into large strips/wedges

Minute Three:
Add onion and tofu to hot pan and stir fry.
While onion and tofu is frying wash vegetables and roughly chop.

Minute Four
When water is boiling add a dash of Chinese wine. Flash boil veges.

Minute Five
Spoon veges over rice and serve sizzling tofu and onion over veges. Drizzle hoisin/ oyster sauce to finish.
Minute Six
Inhale food.

The trick now is to wash up and pack your training bag and get your clothes ready for work the next day NOW. Otherwise you will get all content and lazy and watch hours of TV instead of preparing for bed. THEN... you will be too tired and unorganised to train the following day.

Tell me if you took the 5 minute meal test???

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