Friday, April 1, 2016

Why American self defence is irrelevant to Australians (we even spell it differently), but every American should learn it the RAVES way.

Australian self defence SHOULD to be taught differently to the US.  But Americans would benefit greatly from the "Ossie" style of RAVES self defence.

Please note the iconic thongs and singlet of our 'bogan attacker'.  No hoody, or high top boots on this dude.
He is true blue.

Here are some reasons: 

Australians look out for each other.  We do not have to yell "FIRE" when we are being raped. Australians will listen - if you know how to get above the industrial noise and complacency that urban living has created in our busy lives.  

And we need to be taught HOW to protect other people, while keeping ourselves safe.  This is an easy skill... and should be taught from an early age.

Mace, pepper spray and guns are illegal to carry in Australia: and like our football, we don't need body armour.   The number one reason you should not rely on weapons, alarms, sprays and powders are: they are largely money making gimmicks that feed off fear and insecurity, and if you don't know how to use them correctly, or freeze, or can't find the bloody thing, then you have wasted precious moments trying to retrieve it, and will fall prey to fear.    

I teach you to use tools readily at your disposal (your voice, hands, knees, feet - BRAIN!), without years of martial arts practice, and without needing strength and brute force.  And the options taught are limitless!  They are limited only by fear, which is the greatest tool in my arsenal.... my ability to dissolve fear and ignite your fight.  With escape options fear goes out the door unlocking your brains to access intuition, power and prowess (all the ESCAPE drills that I teach will come flooding back).

I will teach you the RULES of RAVES self defence.  RAVES RULES use the logic of physics, the mechanisms of the human body and brain, and draw on strategies and thought processes that survivors of rape and extreme violent crime (and even natural disasters) have used to turn from victim to victor.

Just a few of the crucial RAVES rules, follow them for escape success.
Underpinning these rules is the concept of KISS.  A dualistic concept that only a female can understand and teach.  Read more about the concept of KISS here.

But most importantly, I will teach you skills to respond quickly, skills to empower yourself and your family.  Check out my book "Empower Yourself" - an interactive online self defence e-book.  If you read it - you may never need it... and then, my job is done.

Have you or a friend experienced a life threatening situation?
Are you looking for strategies to get empower yourself and regain a sense of self and safety?
RAVES self defence now has an interactive e-book. home of RAVES self defence

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