Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The concept of KISSING in self defence

In the RAVES system of self defence I have a two pronged approach to self defence that considers the K.I.S.S. option.

K.I.S.S. could mean Keep It Simple Keep It Sweet (placation)
K.I.S.S. could mean Keep them In cloSe (pull them close, twist their neck).

For too long male dominated self defence has failed to consider the following options for woman in life threatening sexual assault scenarios:

1.  Doing nothing (at the time).  Often in domestic violence situations the option of doing nothing means that you survive the moment, to escape for a lifetime.  This is something mothers have instinctively done for human millennia to keep their children safe - often at the expense of their own safety.  But this option must not last forever.  The next option is to escape, and for family and friends and society to have a safe haven for them to escape too.

2. Placation.  Placation is the ancient art of foxing, and dare I say it - seduction.   Don't go all defence balls on me - you have to read this in its entirety.  Because it's hard to hear.  Just like rape, sodomy and degradation is hard to experience.

Placation stops the fear centre (the amygdala) that inhibits a survivors creative thought process.  Bit hard to be creative when your life is being threatened right?  But placation is a skill that can be taught - it opens the brain from the fear centre to access the greater brain.  From here people can access the teaching that ALL OFFENDERS are operating from a psychotic brain.  A psychotic brain has daydreamed (like a film running in their head) about eliciting fear from a person and enjoys the adrenalin rush and reward hormones that result from acting out their imagined attack.
An offender is all about the fear.  It is never about the sex.  
Sex is a by product of the fear. In fact, if you have a look at the psychology of hard core sexual offenders you will see that the majority of them do not masterbate. This, according to human behavioural experts, would indicate that they are largely sexually dysfunctional.

A woman was closing up her dry cleaning shop for the day.  A man with a sawn-off shot gun enters.  The woman, in shock, believes he wants the takings of the day, but he instead demands sexual acts.  He forces the gun into her mouth.  The woman instinctively knows she is not going to survive this, and there is only one thing that she can control -  she will show him no fear.  She looks him in the eye and pretends like she is enjoying the depravity.   This action, in turn, derails the show-reel of madness in his head, deflates his aggression (literally), and results in him zipping up his pants and walking out of the shop.  Her remarkable resolve leaves him flaccid and her with enough evidence on her person to link him to 52 other victims buried statewide in remote desert locations.
*If you are like me and you gotta know real life stories then search survivor's: Rose Steward, Jennifer Asbenson, and Alison (first name only) the South African throat cut survivor.  Their stories are first hand accounts of the superhuman ability to survive.

So you may need to placate... but you can also Keep them In cloSe in order to use a fundamental rule of self defence.

Move in close to use momentum (not force) in order to TWIST a weak point (thumb, wrist, neck?) and effect Escape.

Attackers often move to silence women... this is me and my version of lipless kissing.

Maybe you would move to kiss, then headbut.

But I always teach - you must go FULL OUT - or go back to your option of 'no action, at the moment'.  Because to go into this lightly, or with too much Princess Pansy Hands, could escalate an offenders already frenzied madness.

Unlike martial arts, your moves are not limited to your repetitive training, but they are unlimited due to the teaching methods to unlock your physical and mental potential.

This is the RAVES method.  Recognise, Assess, Vocalise, Escape and Survive.

Because if I can keep one woman safe, then my late night rants are worth it.

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