Sunday, May 17, 2015

Umami Paste recipe

Umami paste. I cannot bang on enough about how this can change your cooking, increase good fats and minerals, and just make your taste buds sing. It's been a long time since I have eaten out and thought that the meal was better then what I could cook at home, and it is all about this...
Fry chopped onions and garlic and bacon (optional) in a good oil.
Mill/ crush toasted walnuts and parmesan cheese together.
Smash a can of tinned tomatoes into your fry pan.
Add your nuts and cheese crust (reserve some to coat a white fish or salmon for an oven baked fish dinner).
Stir in 4-6 anchovy fillets.
Crush up 2-4 sheets of nori (sushi) sheets over the pan and mix.
Add Himalayan salt and pepper to taste.
Splash in some coconut aminos or balsamic vinegar.
Simmer until the flavours have combined and the smell changes from good to really unbelievable. 
Add to any sauce, casserole, pizza base, homemade focaccia - like WHATEVER... to make it taste sensational (in half the cooking time).

The only way I can make this better is by perhaps frying in some shiitakes and/ or a wild mushroom mix.
No, I won't give you measurements. Measurements are an excuse for why you won't cook because you don't have the right ingrediants. And my caveman Grandma didn't have a measuring cup. She had one eyebrow and a twig.
If you want it to last longer (it won't, it tastes too good) add more salt and aminos/ vinegar. 
You're welcome very much.

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