Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What makes you punch faster?

a really top glove and well wrapped hands....


 Did you know that sweat has the closest chemical resemblance to URINE?
Makes you want to buy your own set of gloves doesn't it?

So what makes a good glove?

  • ounce weight in the knuckles for protection and muscle development
  • 16 OUNCE GLOVES.  If you are under 16, I'll let you have 12 ounce and under.  Otherwise I am always going to recommend 16 ounce for the protection of your hands and wrists.  If you are hitting hard enough and well enough bag mitts WILL NOT CUT IT.
  • you cannot beat leather for bacterial and fungal control and longevity
  • molded thumb to stop gumby thumb punching and a trip to the micro surgeon to re-attach your ligament
  • velcro wrist for quick release on strength exercises
  • a personal touch of colour or design (I can tell a lot by the gloves you choose)
What do I recommend?

You cannot go past the leather SMAI professional leather ounce gloves  (pictured above) for only $89!  

Buy from Sweat Depot  and receive a FREE set of wraps with every set of gloves.

I cannot stress enough the importance of correctly applied wraps for preventing knuckle and wrist injury.  It also supports you in body weight excercises and makes you perform longer and stronger.  A 180cm, lycra blend wrap is an essential and cheap piece of training kit.  It shoudl be purchased immediately if taking up boxing fitness.

 How do you look after them?

  • Sunshine is their friend.
  • Air them and place a clean sock filled with talc and/ or anti-fungal powder in between classes.
  • Clean the leather with a diluted mix of eucalyptus oil or sphagnum moss.

Love them.... they are like underwear.  They are a hidden piece of your personality that like to be cleaned, looked after and not shared.

email Erin to order yours today!

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