Wednesday, November 19, 2008

1 hour of exercise is better than 20 minutes - RIGHT? wrong!

Twenty minutes of interval training TRIPLES fat loss in HALF the time.
Don't believe me? Let me explain...
We are always being told that diet and exercise is the key to keeping our weight under control. But does that mean we have to spend hours in the gym? Current research on the benefits of short, hard sprints incorporated in interval training support what I have been saying for years. Work faster and harder for shorter bursts and reap the physical and mental benefits. Not only does it have TRIPLE the benefits (fat loss and cardiovascular fitness), but it is supported by evidence that training for more than 60 minutes a day WILL ACTUALLY SHORTEN YOUR LIFESPAN.


Endurance exercise places unnecessary load on the body's joints and internal organs. It is also time intensive and cannot be done safely without the proper nutrition, rest and hydration. Did you know that Australia's endurance athletes actually have a shorter life span than a sedentary adult. Sometimes up to 20 years shorter.

We are busy people right? What's the most common excuse for not exercising? "I don't have time." Well, that excuse is officially redundant.
Professor Steve Boutcher from the University of New South Wales has headed studies to find out what's the least amount of exercise you can do to reduce the greatest amount of fat. His findings are based on 20 minutes of interval bike training, three times a week. Which is great for busy lifestyles - right?
Trials were done on two different groups of people. One doing a 40 minute cycle class and the other doing the 20 minute interval training cycle class. The later group lost the most amount of weight (almost three times) and also improved their aerobic fitness faster.
Why does interval training burn off more fat?
"It significantly elevates a hormone called catecholamines and these are important messengers to tell the cells to burn fat," says Professor Boutcher. Catecholamines are produced in the adrenal gland - the hormones which circulate through the body. When you sprint, the catecholamines stimulate the beta receptors in fat cells, the fat cells release free fatty acids to be used by other cells and this strips away fat to be burnt up by the body's energy conversion process.

The study worked with 8 second sprints of cycling flat out and then slow pedal for 12 seconds. Conducted over 20 minutes, three times a week even beginner exercisers will see muscle toning and fat loss benefits within weeks.

" If you do it (sprint) longer than 30 seconds it's too painful (for the beginner). Normal people won't stick to it and would deplete energy stores too quickly to last the 20 minutes."

What does that mean for you? A 30 minute Sweat Depot rapid class could have 3 times the results than a normal class. Plus, we cleverly incorporate strength training in the workout to make you leaner and stronger.

There are two important messages here:
1. Stop over training
2. Stop making excuses why you aren't training at least three times a week.
p.s.: ramp up your metabolism even FURTHER by attending a 6am class. Then you will DEFINITELY get your workout out of the way for the day.

Exercise WILL save your life. And another side effect of fitness is a hot body too...


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