Monday, October 21, 2013

How could Melbourne: food & coffee capital of Australia, have it so wrong when it comes to smoking?

FACT:  Rubbing faeces in my face is less dangerous then blowing smoke in my face.

Cigarets kill

I don't think to post articles suggesting that smoking is bad for you, because it would be the same as me posting 'don't drink toilet duck'. Melbourne seemed to have missed the surgeon general's warning that smoking kills. Indefinitely. And horribly. So right about now I am lording my high school bestie Melissa Seibold in her role in Queensland Health for developing and implementing the most singularly successful policy to clean this deadly habit from our streets. I would love to see the statistics on Queensland's decline in smoking, cancer related deaths and SIDS deaths in the years to come. Melissa, you are my hero.
How do you quit?
Stop letting a piece of white paper containing noxious chemicals be the ruler of your mortality.
Rant over.  I will not give this dangerous act any more of my precious time.

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