Saturday, December 15, 2012

Santa is a fat man for a reason: how NOT to put on weight this Christmas


My tips will actually REDUCE the amount of time you are in the kitchen and have your oven on, save money, your sanity…. and your waist/ waste line.

Every Christmas I actually lose weight: not because I diet.  I have never been on a diet in my life.  But ‘tis the season for the perfect conditions to trim down – a big layout of fresh festive food to make good nutrition choices from,  hot weather and a big bum break from sitting at your work desk… all reasons your basal metabolic rate should rise over the Christmas break.  But only if you think about food and holidays as a healing joy – not an engorging excuse.

Stop being apathetic about your health with bullshit statements like “It won’t hurt to eat crap out of packets and play computer games for a week”.  Because it will, and the older and lazier you are, the harder it will be to undo all your compacted poo.  Literally. 

Follow these REALLY easy simple steps that take less time then you heading for the shops for a trolley full of chips and cheerios' and a crate of soft drink.

1.  Make AT LEAST ONE MEAL A DAY a routine, nutrition fibre packed meal to keep you regular and the good bacteria in your tummy operating.  Mine is breakfast: a glass of aloe juice, a probiotic tablet, wholemeal oats soaked in full cream milk, walnuts, and frozen berries…. coming up the rear with a green tea to get both my mind and my bowels moving.

2.  Make better “hors doeuvre” choices.  Don’t indulge from a slab of cheese, peanuts, white flour crackers and a bottle of wine or six pack of beer before the main even is even served.

I usually serve my main meal ASAP so that appetisers aren’t even an issue.  But if you feel the need to conform to the out-dated 1960’s finger food options, then here are some healthier, simpler, tastier, more crowd pleasing gluten free options:

  • Fruit platters with goats cheese, market or deli bought olives, homemade wholemeal spelt or preservative free flat breads toasted on the BBQ and while you are there BBQ’d haloumi and squeeze fresh lemon juice to serve.
  • Devils on horse back: smoked bacon or left over free range ham wrapped around prunes or fresh pineapple or dates.  Freaking delicious.
  • Stuffed capsicums or mushrooms.
  • Make you own dip!!! Hummus, pesto, or whole egg mayonnaise, or if you don’t have time to make your own use the a quality  preservative free store bought option and mix 1 part mayonnaise with 3 parts whole fat unsweetened yoghurt.  Wiz up with fresh vege and you are good to go.  Serve with crisp carrot, capsicum and celery sticks instead of crackers and bread.
  • Freeze small stone fruits and berries and use them as ice cubes in drinks and cold desserts. It looks fantastic, keeps drinks and food chilly, and the fruit at least adds a little more nutrition and festivity.

3.  Indulge in the MAIN MEAL.  This is my biggest tip yet: chow down on fresh seafood, BBQ’d meats, roasts and fresh salads to make alcohol, snacking and desserts less of a priority.

Avoid: processed meats, sausages and cheeses, store bought salads, white breads, peanuts, pre-mixed alcohol, fruit juices and soft drinks.  All these things make you fat and whine like a pig.

4.  Alcohol makes you fat.  Period.  So here are some consumption tips and low sugar options:

  • Drink a massive glass of water or mineral water before indulging in alcoholic beverages.  Alcohol should never be consumed when thirsty or hungry.
  • Drink vodka, fresh lime and soda.
  • Drink good quality white wine mixed with soda and frozen fruit and enjoy the tiny alcoholic burst at the end of your drink.

PLUS: Don’t stop moving.  Do easy, 5-20 minute workouts that will elevate your mood so you can enjoy your down time (and the wine spritzer) more…

Like the NO SANTA TUMMY 5 minute workout..

Or join me on Facebook and I have 20 – 30 minute workouts with your weight of choice (sandbags, kettle bells, slam balls or just your body weight and a race against the clock!)



And finally AVOID these things which lower your metabolic rate and decrease the quality of your precious holiday naps…

     TV, movies, DVD’s, computer games, shopping in fluorescent lights and the internet.


Increase more fun….

Play, swim, buy all your food from the markets and roadside farmers produce, go for lazy afternoon walks in un-explored suburbs and cafe lanes, meet friends in parks with a picnic and a ball, your kids and dogs, paint a piece of neglected furniture rather then buy something new in the sales, go camping in your backyard and love each other.  Love each other…. we have stopped preparing and eating food with love, playing with each other and loving the simplicity and beauty of each other.  Just love each other…



And stay safe so that you can look forward to another Christmas with your family x

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