Saturday, May 19, 2012

I'm 50, female and can't lose tummy fat... what can I do?

This is a really relevant question from my stunning hairdresser Lene.

She works incredibly long hours on her feet and wants to know why getting older is making a flat tummy difficult?

When your 50 (or even 45) I find that I can no longer do and eat the same 'good' things. I don't sit on my bum - I walk, do situps, my work is standing, walking fast, moving all day. I clean the house and wash. I thought that if you constantly keep moving and even just walking that it was enough exercise.
I hardly ever stop till 8 or 9 at night and when I do find time to exercise it is in the extreme. But the fat won't move from my belly. I eat 3 meals a day - all healthy - sometimes 6 small meals and have my 2 glass of wine (not every night) but mostly only weekends.  I tell you, being 50 changes everything and I hate it. I guess it's a bit like when you cant get your hair like you use to. lol.  
So wot is it? I refuse to be old and need some changes.
Please, Ii just don't get it.
I know sex is great for weight loss... lol!! But I don't do that either. sad year :(
Wot happens to the body after 50 and how can I speed it up?
x Lene

Here's my spin:
The female body was designed to procreate... And then we were designed to become homely little wise women with a change in hormones that promote fat hording to see us through harsh winters and disease so we can live to annoy our youth....

This is a quick explanation:
We produce more estrogen and less testosterone and that is a recipe for less muscle and more fat.
But we CAN safely prime our bodies without the use of hormone replacement, protein powders and illegal testosterone.

1. There is only one way to stop muscle wastage and burn fat - actively build muscle. The most effective way is interval sprints and functional weight training for 20-30 minutes once or twice a week. A good example of age defying training is Jules Gardiner, Jo Johnson and Clare Carter.

This is how you do it...

2. Reduce the stress hormone cortisol. This means more sleep, less endurance burning activity (a slow jog for 10 kilometers can do more harm than good), more sunlight and even something as simple as reducing social obligations.(Saying NO! more often).

3. Reduce or eliminate alcohol entirely. The marketing gimmack about beneficial anti-oxidants far outweigh alcohol's negative impacts. Two glasses isn't't necessarily high in calories but alcohol is an undisputed toxin and the body treats it as a poison - with fluid retention and inflammation.  Alcohol also destroys good gut bacteria which is catastophic for anyone who wants a flat tummy.

If you save money, you don't have to work as many hours, you can sleep more and weight will naturally drip away.  Awesome.

4. Sit-ups sometimes do more harm than good. Check out this article:

5.  Finally, if you are completely serious about a flat tummy, reduce or eliminate ALL sugars and grains from your diet (bread, rice, pasta, cereals and even potato and corn).  Harsh, but it works. Check out The man is 53 and looks better now then when he was a 20 year old professional triathlete. He changed for all the reasons you now talk about (plus he suffered from heart attacks).  You can't cheat on this, it if want it bad enough you will see it for yourself.

I explain more of these principles of how the tummy is linked to the brain and health here:
The poo taboo...

Lene thank you so much for asking an important question that most females believe can't be changed.

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