Saturday, October 15, 2011

Can't lose weight because fruit & vege are too expensive?


$35 of fruit and vege lasts us a week of mainly vegetarian meals and we don't  need TINS/ CANS/ PACKETS

We purchased this at the Eagle Farm Markets for $35. 

Yes, there are bananas and mangoes there (OMG!  We must be rich..)

This is what I did (and am still doing with it...)
  • grilled mushrooms for breakfast
  • eggplant and zucchini casserole and BBQ eggplant lasagne sheets
  •  whole roasted capsicum for salads, blend and add dill for spreads
  • Slow roasted tomatoes for spag bol and homemade pizzas
  • BBQ's corn for salads and fried rice
  • avocados for spreads and salads
  • fried leek for fritatas & soups
  • Roasted pumpkin
I always try to include 2-4 veges every lunch, and 3-5 veges every dinner.   With very few exceptions.

This is why is has got me buggered that our lower socio economic class are the fattest in the world?  Families will spend $35 on McDonald's for one or two meals....  when this could feed them for a week.  Plus I can cook this faster than it takes to drive to Macca's and watch the kids vomit in the playground.

I'm not sure whether this can be blamed as a a lack of education?  Let me know your thoughts..... change doesn't happen if we keep doing the same thing every day and complain when nothing is changing....

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