Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tribute Page - some of our great moments

 After 3 years with Sweat Depot our tiny Frog Legs  has left us to go South.  Nothing made the men feel like boys more than seeing 50 kilo Jules squat more weight faster than them, and nothing will fill the void in our hearts and space at our bags with her new start.  

In saying that, here are some testimonials of the video which I tried so hard to pay fitting tribute to my loyal little friend.
Erin... this is schmaltzy.
Matthew McQuaid
I hear you Matty.  Vomitus... 
Kelly Gurski

Riley (4 years) joins Dad aka 'Big Marn' doing Olympic Long Jumps... get your glasses out to watch my small little man collapse on the finish line.  Good things come in the smallest packages.

Karen Stevenson started with us after the birth of her daughter Savannah at 6 week old.  In just 3 months Karen has done her first chin ups (with perfect form).  She is testament to the fact that you should do your push ups on your toes after training with us for six weeks, and chin ups in months.  This is the strength of the human body... and spirit...

SHANNIE'S BACK... she'll be helping me out on Tuesday and Thursday evenings 6.30pm

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