Monday, October 25, 2010

Characteristics of a GOOD trainer.... sorting through the duds, dudes and "you-do-it's"

What makes a good instructor?

Instructors are like good doctors.  You have to feel comfortable with them and you have to trust that they have the knowledge and experience to know what is good for you.   

But what makes a good instructor or personal coach for you?

  • Someone who walks the walk – do you really want an overweight trainer with liver spots? Alternatively, are you going to take the advice of a trainer that relies on drugs and supplements and has disguised body image issues?
  • The ability to teach you how to train independently, and not to make you dependent on them.
  •  Knowledge about what foods work and what supplements and equipment are marketing gimmicks.
  • Someone who does not tolerate the word “can’t”.
  • Someone who will train with you... not just stand there and yell at you/ read their text messages etc.  They should be experiencing what you are experiencing to keep you safe.
  • A trainer that is experienced enough that they interview YOU before you start training – to see if you suit THEM.  You can then be confident that they know what they are doing.
  • Someone with a little life experience.  This is the number one turnover/ short retention industry for a reason...  Just because someone is athletic doesn't make them a good instructor.
  • Someone who sees your potential and asks you to reach for it. 
  •  The ability to see when you are NOT pushing yourself outside your comfort zone.
  • Conversely, the ability to see when you are overtraining. 
  •  You don’t need to love them, but you do need to trust them.
  • Beware the instructor with re-occurring injuries!!!! I'm not talking about them being superhuman, but I am talking about them having enough knowledge of how to fix imbalances and strengthen weaknesses (or the courage to learn).
  • You should be comfortable enough with them to talk about your bowel movements.  If they don’t ask, I suggest they don’t know much.
  • Someone who turns your weaknesses into strengths.
  • They've got to love what they do.  Let's face it... the general public will buy a bottle of wine, a packet of Mentos and a spray tan before they pay for training session, so (unless they are a Broncos coach) trainers are not doing it for the money.  (Can anyone get me the Broncos or Lions gig????)
  • Someone who is honest enough to ‘sack' you if you aren’t there for the right reasons.
  • Someone who can train you anywhere, anytime, with or without equipment and you will always come away with sweat drenched clothes, burning muscles, but with enough energy to smile... and want more.
Want to invest in a hot bod this season?

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