Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mitchie SHS Boxing Clinic



The kids and myself included are so excited about our new fitness bodies and plan on working hard to make them even better!  No cheating...we promise.

I just wanted to personally thank you again for the time and effort you have put into the sessions.  We truly learnt a lot with your interesting facts being slotted into each session.  Already I can see a difference in confidence for a lot of students in that class.  Both girls and boys I can see were feeling stronger and feeling better about themselves.  Also, it does show them that if you want something bad takes hard work!  There is no easy diets etc. 

You have taught us all so much and we will be forever better off for having had the experience with you.  You are an inspiration and I think your calling is working with kids!

Until our next session Erin.
Looking forward to more pain!

Michelle  (aka Ms Sparks)


Mitchir shs group

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Zoë said...

Erin, this is brilliant! I am thinking of enrolling in high school again! x. Z.