Monday, November 10, 2008

"No Santa Stomach" maintenance workout

This workout only takes about 3-5 mintues a day... but if you are away on holidays or in the midst of busy christmas festivities and can't get to our workouts, then it will save mental torment, maintain muscle density, strip festive fat and give you the confidence to return to training sooner. Ohhhhh, and it doesn't hurt to get some natural endophins pumping too....

10 push ups
20 tricep dips
10 bicycle stomach crunches
5 jump squats

15 push ups
30 tricep dips
20 toe touches
10 jump lunges

5 push ups
10 tricep dips
30 double ab extensions
10 jump squats

ps: this is also an all awesome way to build up strength and fitness to get through our hardcore classes if you are a beginner excerciser!

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