Saturday, October 24, 2015

When blood and poo are more important than the scales.....


The women that you often look at and admire for their figure, hair, skin etc.... have chronic health conditions and pain.

You won't hear these stories unless they are narcissistic and love talking about themselves... and have a happy 'But, I look great now... don't I????'  ending.

So before you stand on the scales, these are some health indicators of a truly healthy, strong woman.

1.  Do you have a regular, pain free period?

You need to menstruate (the exception being pregnancy, breastfeeding, and menopause -a MAN just reminded me of this- off course).

Did you know, that pre-war Asian woman could also control the length of the period?  I know this to be true.  And, if you have a TRUE strong core, you don't need to use sanitary products as frequently, because you can literally release blood flow during toileting.

2.  Are your joints and back doing ok?

Fluid in joints and back pain are linked to some of the fatal four: stroke, heart disease, immune disorders, and cancer.   If you are a size 6 and you have this pain then are you really ok?

3.  Do you have a big, healthy volume poo upon waking?

It's a no brainer.  If you don't poo you are toxic and rotting from the inside out, and you and your gut and joints will balloon out.  It reflects in your farts, skin, hair and mood.

4.   Are you happy?

Not just, oh, I have a nice car, and jewellery, and hair..... No.  Do you feel JOY.  Pure hair tingling joy.  Not associated with things or other people.  But with yourself.  Are you joyful in your own skin?    Your mind is your gateway to you health.  Your thoughts create your reality.  Nobody else, nothing else.  Your brain = your future.

Diet, stress, alcohol, drugs (prescription or otherwise).   Killers.  Killers of our ability to tap into joy and connect with the people around us.

Vanity has led us to believe that skipping periods is ok, that pooing is public toilets is disgusting, and that beauty only resides in the young and skinny.  Or the rich, medicated and photoshopped.

So.... put down that packet of trans fats and say 'no' to syrup in your coffee.  Have a glass of water and turn off all your technology.  Smile at someone as they pass you on the street.  And allow yourself to ebb and flow (pardon the pun) with the cycle of life.

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