Monday, February 13, 2012

Erin's market shopping checklist...

This is what I buy from the markets weekly/ fortnightly and with them I can produce any of the facebook deliciousness that Shannon serves out.  

If you haven't already loved us on facebook
 this is what you could be missing out on....

Prawn stuffed squid

Roast vegetable and quinoa warm salad

 2 minute sugar free banana berry ice cream

My fridge comprises of 80% fruit and vege (If I designed a fridge it would be ALL crisper).  The other 20% is milk, cheese, olives and left-overs.  I NEVER throw out left-overs.  They are far more delicious then any take away I have ever tasted.

I recommend buying a small food processor to grate/ chop if you don’t like it.

I CANNOT love this little beauty enough, and for as little as $68 if you do the leg work.  There is no fiddling around with components and it is EASY to clean.... (ps: no one is paying me to say this.  But Tefal, just email me if you would like to...)

Tefal - MB750 - Fresh Express

I always roast/ fry/ BBQ about 4 times what I need every meal so it become the basis of tomorrows lunch or night meal (ie: frittata, vegetarian lasagne, soup, salad, vege stack).

I bought this lot for $38 to last the week

Erin's market shopping list: 
Onions and Garlic
Tomatoes/ eggplant/ zucchini
Sweet potato
Spinach/ mixed leaves
Wood smoked free range bacon
Fresh fish
Olives and antipasto
Herbs - basil/ parsley/ coriander/ dill 
(they are my bunch of useful gorgeous smelling flowers)
(tip: if it costs more than $3 a kilo, it's usually not seasonal)
Nuts and free range eggs
More colour = more nutrition
          So get thee to your local markets, grab a coffee and enjoy this divine and inspiring experience. AND FOR THE LOVE YOUR CHILDREN, TEACH THEM WHILE YOU SHOP and get them involved.  This is better than any movie, water park, or activity centre.

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