Sunday, February 7, 2010

Do you want to be a personal trainer but don’t know where to start?

Ask yourself these uber important questions…

Do you want to be a group trainer?  That requires a certificate III and can be a cheap entry level option (it costs about $1 800 and up).  Then you can get RPL (recognised prior learning) if you decide you want to take the next step…

Becoming a personal trainer.  This requires certificate IV qualifications and can cost between $4000 - $10 000.  It can be done externally (online at home) or a combination of contact hours (school) and home. 

Do you have a client base already?  No?  Well your income depends on your client base so ask yourself how you are going to get one.  The best way is to start taking group training classes, align yourself with a sporting group or consider being a fitness apprentice with a participating gym. 

Who would I recommend?  Chris and Dee Haseman of F-I-T trainer courses based at Albion. 

Chris is a no rules chute fighting champion (and you know how I love a full contact trainer) 

Chris is a no rules chute fighting champion (and you know how I love a full contact trainer)

Dee his wife is an champion body shaper and the fabulous body on their bill boards.

My advice is always this – train with people who walk the talk and learn from people that you want to emulate. And you should become the fittest person in the group if you want people to see you as a fitness role model.

I don’t like other cookie cutter larger organisations out there (read between the lines on who they are) because they will undoubtedly churn out the trainers in the park that you see butchering a so called work out and talking on their phones or listening to their iPod (don’t even get me started on their boxing focus mitt technique).

Why I would recommend F-I-T?
  • Their focus isn’t just on churning out numbers.
  • They can tailor a program for you with RPL if you have already got experience in the industry.
  • They you also walk away with a boxing fit qualification at the end of your Certificate IV (big tick from me).
  • They give you a taste of spin instruction.
  • They have a cool program that hooks you up with a company that can take DNA analysis of your clients body types and training requirements…. this will definitely give you a point of difference from the rest of the crowd.
  • Your classroom is a fantastic little gym that have set up.
  • They are very competitive with price ($4 400 – $4 900) and even have payment plan options.
Trav boxing 

Why do I also like them?  Our very own Travis Cooper worked with them and loves their set up.  

Please take the time to talk to them.  Just check out their website and give them a call.  Don’t forget to tell them that Erin said to give them a call.  They understand my background and know how seriously I take flogging people.

Have more questions about fitness qualifications?  Hit comments and I'll try to help out.  Don’t be shy, everyone else is probably wondering the same question.

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Dee Saffigna said...

Hi Erin, thanks for taking the time to check us out today, it is always great to welcome a like minded soul. We have a weekend course that is commencing this weekend with the added bonus of the FIT Nutrition CEC course, a saving of $495 and the last time this combo will be offered together (and yes, Boxing also comes with it too). If anyone out there is passionate, loves their fitness and is ready to live the dream, then please contact FIT on 38621414. Cheers Dee